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Almost forgot I had this thing! So I created a special journal for my chinchilla story. Heres the link chinchillamax

I'm going to be writing more stories and don't want everything running together on one page so guess this is my writing link journal.

The Adventures Continue

"Why are we going to make a jailbreak?" asked Michigan J.

"Because moron we need to find Laura and she can take us in. Don't you understand? We won't have to be cooped up here without any love!"

"But Max....How do I know Laura will love me. She always favored you when you worked here and she'll probably do the same if we find her."

Max sighed, "Laura is not like that you stupid bird! She even admitted to you that you were the real frog once remember? She cares about you too!"

"I am the real frog. Laura could see it now why can't you!?" Michigan J sqwaked. "Besides your obession with Laura reminds me of the pdgeon's obession with lab owner Marryanne and its quite creepy you know."

"Who?" asked Max wearily

"Its from my favorite book but I'm not sharing it with you because your stupid!"

"Fine be that way you stupid feather head! I hope noone ever buys you and you rot in your cage and realize what a moron you are!" yelled Max turning his back on the bird. Just then the lights flickered off.

"Whats going on?" asked Michigan with fear in his voice, "The lights back here never go off! Whats going on!?"

Suddenly flashes of red, green, and blue illuminated the ceiling as a great flashing disco ball lowered itself. Then to the horror or all the animals's eyes Terri emerged under the light in speedo pants and a Mariah Carey Shirt and began dancing to "Bad Girls!"

"OMG!" screamed the bird "Max you have to help get me out of here!"

Revenge of the Chicken Pot Pie

There once was a cute little furry chinchilla living in a petshop run by a crooked and perverted manager. He was lonely because the manager highly priced him and wouldn't order any more chinchillas until Max was sold. "I hate my life" thought Max. His only friend neighboring parrot by the name of Michigan. Michigan thought he was a famous frog. It was quite disturbing.

One day Max noticed the usual chubby black haired boy that ate on the job didn't come to clean his cage. Instead a young dark haired girl did. Max decided right away he liked the girl a lot better than the boy and decided to lick her hand that day when she fed him. Instantly Max and the girl made instant friends and she would pay extra special attention to him before closing each night by giving him a carrot. Michigan the parrot began to get extremely jealous. "So your Miss Laura's little pet aren't you?" he squawed. "Just wait till the Warner Brother's rehire me. She'll be giving me the carrots then Maxy."

Max shook his head, "Michigan you are not Michigan J. Frog you are a bird named after him because the manager is on crack."

"I heard that!" came a sinister voice down the next aisle. Terri the manager then came into view his balding head glistening in the lamplight, "If you don't want your price raised you'd better shut your trap about my out of work drug use!" he snarled.

"Oh yeah!?" challenged Max, "Laura has noticed what your doing and she'll tell headquarters on you!"

"Laura is not here anymore..." Terri said smirking, "I fired her unjustly for taking a trip to Arkansas. And he swet down the hall laughing maniacally.

"Was he just wearing a cape and swooshing it behind him dramatically?" asked Max of Michigan who was standing on his perch nibbling on some mullet seed.

"By George I think he was." Michigan said, "You know Maxy maybe I was wrong about you maybe your the one telling the truth and Terri is the liar. Maybe I'm not a frog after all."

Max smiled at the bird, "See I told you. Now thats a good sensible attitude your adopting Michigan."

"But then again I can sing and dance real well so I probably am Michigan J. and your just jealous."

Maz slapped his paw against his head. "Why?" he asked "Why?" " Listen.." he said changing the subject and lowering his voice to a whisper. "We need to organize a jailbreak."

To be continued.....


I finally got my new journal up and running. I will add all of you and then comment in your journals that its me. I am going to keep this journal for my writing and use my old writing journal koukuya and give it to someone who wants it. So who wants it? First one to comment asking for it gets it. If noone asks for it I'll put it in journalgiveaway. And I want you to use it. I've given two journals to people in the past who don't do anything with them. So if your not going to use it don't ask for it.

My new name has something to do with the sky thats how you'll know its me too in case I get bone headed and forget to comment.

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What is your emo band name? by spiralinghalo
Your band name is:The Promise of the Rings
You sound like:Thursday
You will be signed to:Drive-Thru Records
Your emo lyrics are:"The scar you left me on my heart will peel off and bleed some more"
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Mi Casa es su Casa

Why does everyone want to come here? This place sucks. April has the new puppy and the Finding Nemo DVD. I'm going there. Why does she want to come over here? Besides we can walk her dog and stop by and see Gary and Diane if I go over there. Yes I am putting my foot down today.:)
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I don'ty feel well. I laid down at ten and couldn't sleep I don't feel well at all now. No not at all. Sleepy time. Hope I can actually sleep this time.


I think about all the people who have hurt me throughout my life and all the people I have hurt and I think I know the solution to it all. It may seem so trivial, so pessimistic but its really the truth. There are very few people you can trust. Everybody is going to let you down at some point in time so just get used to it. Nobody is perfect. Least of all ourselves. Some people let others down more than others and enjoy stomping on their souls and happiness and some people just let us down by being human. Maybe they forget things, like when I forgot to go to Jessica's that one day, maybe they say something they didn't mean, or lie to you because they are too afraid to hurt your feelings. I've done all of the above to people and more and they have done the same to me. Don't know what I'm really trying to say. Perhaps this is my way of saying don't sweat the small stuff but I'm really trying to communicate so much more and don't know how.

I think I'm starting to discover why I shut myself off from people. I'm afraid to trust people. But given the above information if someone is going to harm you their going to do it and theres nothing you can do about it. So I might as well stop living my life in a box and being a lone wolf because well....carpediem I guess.

I told Angel that good friends are hard to find. She said "Yeah sometimes." I said "Your a good friend." And come to think of it she wasn't that hard to find.
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