Dauntless Confusion (jumpingjuniper) wrote,
Dauntless Confusion

The Adventures Continue

"Why are we going to make a jailbreak?" asked Michigan J.

"Because moron we need to find Laura and she can take us in. Don't you understand? We won't have to be cooped up here without any love!"

"But Max....How do I know Laura will love me. She always favored you when you worked here and she'll probably do the same if we find her."

Max sighed, "Laura is not like that you stupid bird! She even admitted to you that you were the real frog once remember? She cares about you too!"

"I am the real frog. Laura could see it now why can't you!?" Michigan J sqwaked. "Besides your obession with Laura reminds me of the pdgeon's obession with lab owner Marryanne and its quite creepy you know."

"Who?" asked Max wearily

"Its from my favorite book but I'm not sharing it with you because your stupid!"

"Fine be that way you stupid feather head! I hope noone ever buys you and you rot in your cage and realize what a moron you are!" yelled Max turning his back on the bird. Just then the lights flickered off.

"Whats going on?" asked Michigan with fear in his voice, "The lights back here never go off! Whats going on!?"

Suddenly flashes of red, green, and blue illuminated the ceiling as a great flashing disco ball lowered itself. Then to the horror or all the animals's eyes Terri emerged under the light in speedo pants and a Mariah Carey Shirt and began dancing to "Bad Girls!"

"OMG!" screamed the bird "Max you have to help get me out of here!"
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