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My Writing

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Dauntless Confusion
30 May
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This used to be my main journal but now it has moved. If you want to know what it is leave a comment. This journal is for my writing now. Hope you enjoy!

My main journal can be found here: morganalafaye

The Adventures of Max the Chinchilla: chinchillamax

I like to write so sue me. Considering I'm broke though you wouldn't get a penny from me.

Heres some authors that inspire me:

Louisa May Alcott

V.C. Andrews

Charlotte Bronte

Emily Bronte

J.K. Rowling

Robin Mckinley

Lucy Maud Montgomery

Garth Nix

Lisa Jane Smith

Mark Twain

My favorite books are:

Anne of the Island-L.M. Montgomery

Little Women-Louisa May Alcott

The Blue Castle-L.M. Montgomery

Huckleberry Finn-Mark Twain

Faerie Tale- By this guy whos name I can't remember.....Feist something or other
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